Franchise Management Software is a product that has been developed with the purpose of improving management for franchises and chain stores that have a Headquarters and multiple Franchisees. It was developed under the analysis of the main need of both Franchisors and Franchisees, where the former increasingly require more information and significant data for decision-making. And the latter feel even more independent.

Since the offer of this type of franchise management software is quite wide, do you know what features your FMS should have?

What are the features that franchise management software should have?

Basic features for franchise software

A software for franchisees and chain stores offers many advantages so that you can control all the points of sale of your business, more efficiently. Some of the features of a computer program of this type are –

  • Improves organization and communication between all areas of the company.
  • Control the effectiveness and attention of the employees of each store.
  • Manage the billing and accounting of all the points of sale.
  • Control the warehouse stock of each franchise.
  • Integration of marketing, sales and customer service departments.
  • Homogeneously distributes stores to improve the shopping experience for customers.
  • Optimize inventory levels and supply chain.
  • Increased sales thanks to loyalty and promotion modules.

Must have basic CRM features

A professional franchise management software must have a CRM software to take advantage of all business opportunities, with better monitoring and knowledge of your actual and potential clients. Both from Headquarters and by facilitating it to your Franchisees. It must also have:

  • Online access to all the information on the store network.
  • Individualized access to each point of sale.
  • Systems of control and supervision of the activity of franchisees in the network of shops.
  • Management of common products for the entire network.
  • Centralized and individualized inventories.
  • Automatic replacement orders.
  • Simple and adapted interface for points of sale.
  • Communication channels with the central.

Day to day management

Franchises are a booming business model. Data and processes of the day-to-day business and management, orders to suppliers, warehouse management, prices, and rates, obtaining statistics and reports – a franchise management software must have these options. It offers features to manage and obtain information from different points of sale.

  • Reliability – Data is always protected.
  • Statistics – You will obtain daily reports and statistics of the invoicing for each payment method (Card, Cash, and Delivery on account or Debit), recovered debts and cash control.
  • Security – Each Franchise manages its own stock and the administration of users for the management of the application.
  • Manageability – Its visual design allows the user to interact easily with minimal training.
  • Articles – You can manage the prices, quantities, and references for each of the products. The Headquarters will be able to manage changes that will automatically be reflected in each point of sale.
  • Scalability – It adapts to the size of each company and the number of franchises that you want to have.
  • Warehouse – It facilitates the administration, rotation, and consumption of items in the warehouse.
  • Offers Control – It will be possible to control each of the promotions created by the product.
  • Technical Inquiries – Queries can be made using a form and these will be saved for future events
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