The franchise operations software is the most vital application process for the development of overall business functionalities. It renders a coordinated approach for developing a brand, and to engage the franchisee retail outlets in a synchronized process to bring the optimal business returns on investment.

Top Features of Franchise Management Software

Automatic Functions

Functions are vital for a franchise business process, wherein the operations are precisely decided, especially on the requirement of the specific process and customer needs. Now, the monotonous activities are automated by the franchise software offered by Brandwide, converting them to enhance workflow efficiency. Thus, the sales workforce can give more time to enhance the performance of the process, and fix triggers to measure the process optimization for better conversions.


For all business processes, including franchise management, campaigns entail the most vital position in the operations cycle. Now, to move the potential leads effortlessly in the sales pipeline, appropriate email campaigns should be generated. Therefore, to enhance the performance of the email activities, the franchisors can adopt customized links, generate automatic email actions, and actualize stimulant-based consignment schedules. Moreover, text-based campaigns can also be sent to specific customers.

Monitoring Progress

The franchise operations software from Brandwide has different aspects of functioning, among which the lead management solution is a vital part. It monitors the various activities performed by the potential leads across the sales pipeline.

Sensible Classifications

The segregation of potential leads or customers can be effectuated based on sensible classifications. This categorization helps the franchisee outlets to reach the maximum leads, and with enhanced productivity. Moreover, these smart classifications also assist to separate those leads that are not interested in converting but might be vital in the future to be optimized as sales-ready customers.

Tracking the Reference

Budgets for marketing campaigns are directly proportional to the monitoring of the reference for the potential leads. Thus, the monitoring of the customers assists in comparing them individually with the number of funds spent out for each reference to bring forth these leads. By this, the franchisor can obtain the estimate for cost per each lead, and act accordingly.


The franchise operations software must have the ability to integrate with other applications, like CRM in the franchise management business. This blending helps to optimize the entire operations, wherein the information is transmitted across domains for compliance and generating the sales revenue. The data is accessed from central servers, while external references are used to acquire the relevant information and requisite applications to extract those data.


Perfect reporting is required for optimizing the process with the franchisee software solution. So, the workflows should render a crystal clear picture with appropriate perceptions about the marketing campaigns, email correspondence functioning, and the sales pipeline. Again, the strategies of stimulating potential leads, converting them into prospective customers, and optimizing the adjustment points are vital in reporting, to obtain a better understanding of the overall business functionalities and outputs.

Thus, the franchise operations software develops a process by optimizing the entire business operations with targets to capture the potential leads and convert them into ultimate sales-ready customers for boosting the revenue.

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