Brandwide Franchise Management System is the leading provider of franchise software and services. We have recently announced a COVID-19 assistance program for franchisees who are struggling financially due to the ongoing pandemic. Under this program, we will offer its popular franchise management platform at no cost for 12 months to qualified franchise businesses. If you are looking for an integrated platform to develop your franchise, we’re here to help you drive local marketing and enhance your customer base.

Introducing COVID-19 assistance program by Brandwide to help franchises.  Under this program, we are offering a range of affordable digital marketing solutions starting from custom franchise website design, SEO, lead generation through PPC and social media.  By doing so, we aim to help the franchise owner in receiving relevant leads from their location.

Take a look at the features we’re offering under the COVID-19 assistance program

  • Unlimited custom websites designed uniquely to represent your franchise
  • Optimize your website with relevant content and build links to your website.
  • An expensive list of keywords relevant to your brand and business locations.
  • A social media strategy based on your unique business voice that’ll maximize your online search
  • Track and compare your business with your competitors

Before that, you first need to know how can you tackle your business during this crisis.

An overview on Franchisee in this crisis

Undoubtedly, we are living in an unprecedented situation where our life was different just a few days ago until COVID-19 or Coronavirus hit the globe. Now the quarantine seems like the usual days, and indeed we will be back in business sooner, but we need to be ready.

Franchise business, specifically had to face major setbacks as the entire supply chain management is under the influence of Pandemic. Customers are likely to delay their purchasing, by putting the burden on the franchises who are quite hesitant to renew their contracts or make any additional payments.

In a situation like this, many other franchisors can pop up and save your business from declining sales. The environment is challenging, but once you gather your hope and start believing in us and your team, there’s a lot you can do to make this crisis pass.

While it’s clear that COVID-19 has severely influenced the business, Brandwide team is sure that this moment will soon pass and we are ready to help the customers with Free Franchise Management Software for 12 Months.

Ways to protect your Franchise business during the COVID-19

Yes, it sounds easy and you might think that it would be difficult to endure. If you are a franchise owner since long, then you must be aware of the 2007-‘09 major recession and its effects on business. Honestly, it is not the time to hide under your bed.

It is the time to analyse things to save your failing franchise business and evaluate the way you can survive COVID-19 by keeping your customers informed. Here’s a strategy that could be a game changer in your franchisees:

Try to build a meaningful relationship with the franchisee

The community of franchise business could be a trustable group at times like this. Who knows, it may be your turn to find opportunities from each other. It may also turn into a long-term endeavour that proves helpful for both of you.

Build a strong task force with the help of franchisee management system, through which you and your franchisee partner could deal with the current situation.

Talk around supporting your Franchisee

Your franchisors could be feeling anxious about the future of their business! Take your chance to listen to their concerns, communicate with them and try to do your best to provide possible solutions.

With us by your side, you can even make it easier for them. You take care of your franchisees, we’ll have it all done for you starting from connected sales, marketing, and Franchise Management System.

Get adapted to the Crisis

If you think your franchise’s primary revenue has been crippled by the lockdown or work from home orders, you may need to gather new revenue streams to assist your franchise.

Here’s where we help again. Remember, some of the best things can be done collaboratively in this time of crisis.

What are the features we are offering?

Franchise marketing

Whether it is a normal business or a franchise management business, marketing and promotions entail the most important position in terms of the operation cycle. With Brandwide franchise management software, you can now effortlessly move your leads in the sales funnel and generate appropriate email campaigns. So, if you want to improve your email activities with limited investment, our software can enhance your sales performance and improve your rate of conversions.

Complete CRM for franchisees

With CRM integrated into your Franchise Management System, we are offering a process that enables franchise market owners to nurture leads. Also, it helps you to get details about the leads from a range of sources including landing pages and websites in a more centralised way. The blending of CRM in franchises will help you to optimize the entire operation, while the complete information will be distributed across various departments, generating the sales revenue.

Franchise-wide analytics

Franchises are a growing business model, where day to day business data needs to be managed. Processes related to warehouse management, price, statistics and reports are to be maintained. With all in hand, it is going to be an uphill task.

But with our franchise management system, you can manage and obtain information from a different point of sale. Also, you will get all the daily reports and statistics of the invoicing, and you can control the cost system, quantity as well as reference of each product.

Times are struggling but, these aren’t meant to last forever. There’s a lot you can do to make this phase easier for you and your franchises. It’s not late yet, BrandWide will waive the cost of its platform for 12 months if you sign up before the end of September 2020.

The path ahead

Needless to say that this is the time you’re trying to sustain your business amidst the wave of pandemic crisis. Too few franchisors will invest time in understanding what it takes to build a strategy to boost their business. This is where Brandwide wants to help your business come out of COVID-19. While you care for your franchises, we care for you. So why wait, consult with us and we’ll get you covered with all the required resources on your list.

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