When it comes to franchise management, there are many approaches you can take as a franchisor. You may choose to run your franchise yourself, hire an industry expert to manage your sales supply chain or you can outsource your sales with the help of Franchise management Software.

The first thing that comes to your mind, at least in the beginning is to manage the franchise sales by themselves. Soon you realise, keeping track of your sales at multiple locations can be a daunting task. Not anymore! Here we’ve some tricks for managing your Franchise that will help you boost your franchise business effortlessly.

That said, the best way to improvise the trick is to start with Franchise management Software. Franchise software can play a significant role in growing your business. But before reading about the franchise management tips, you need to know about the must-have list for your franchise business:

Know why you need Franchise management Software

Before you start to make any decision to buy a franchise CRM software, you need to consider the foremost need for CRM software in your business. Whether your objective is to create a wider brand presence or to automate your team on board, once you have a clear idea on your goal, you can move ahead with it. Most importantly, if you have an already created list of CRM software needs you want to go with, it’ll be easier for you to work on it.

A secure intranet is all you need

If you are manually tracking who has what, emailing documents and thinking about how to update your branding parameters, then let me tell you that a secure intranet can help you manage your brand’s documents. Also, it ensures that all your franchisees are working on the latest parameters. You need to keep in mind that data security is a crucial thing, especially in times when everyone is communicating online. Before you proceed with any CRM tricks, make sure you’ve got a strong check on the CRM security measures.

Integrated Accounting on your board

An accounting integration saves you time and lowers the risk of manual error by automatically importing your sales data from your franchise management software to the account’s software. And yes, if you want your sales-related information in a different interface, you can always use BrandWide. Our product is specially designed to manage intricate financial format which your accounts team is familiar with.

Take a look at the ways the franchise management system can help your business to stand out in the crowd.

Get Organized and Close More Sales with CRM

Is your sales team overwhelmed with finding leads across multiple contact database? If so, you’re simply wasting time looking around the bush. Franchise CRM software is like a nutshell that enables you to stay organised. Start your franchise management experience with a streamlined sales process and unified customers contact information. At BrandWide, we offer you a centrally integrated access to critical sales information on the go along with detailed marketing reports.

Establish Branding and Local Presence

As a franchisor, your social media presence is non-negotiable. From a personal perspective, you may find Facebook pointless and Instagram annoying. But from a professional level, if you want your franchise business to have a brand presence, an active presence on the social platform is crucial. Using Franchise management software, you can get your franchisee listed on relevant local sites through social media posts and communication.

Nurture Leads through Email Marketing

If you already know who your ideal customers are, you must know how to get your story reach out to them. Brand Wide’s Franchise CRM software provides integrated email and messaging services to update the customers with accurate information. Keep your customers informed on your latest updates through daily email marketing. Also, you can warm up your leads with automated email drip campaigns and easily built email newsletters.

Manage customers relationship with Follow up

Once you’ve booked the software, provide your valued customers with accurate follow-up updates. For emergency meeting or appointments, automatic schedule management tool such as Calendar can help you make an automatic return call. With Franchise management tools, you can reach out to your customers with the right message at the right time.

Kickstart your franchise performance

Did you know, communication across all franchisees is an incredibly important task? Lack of proper communication between your team, leads and customer may lead to business failure. But franchise software works as a one-stop communication platform both for the franchise owner, team and customers. From categorising all franchise data into a unified place to distributing fast notification to franchise across regions, a franchise software solves all the never-ending tasks in just one click.

Come out of the chaos

After you’ve signed up with our product, you will have the option to import leads from multiple locations and contact sources. Our customer support team can help you to import your customer database.

  • Import contacts from several compatible platforms such as Google, LinkedIn
  • Easy view of every phone call and share updates with your team
  • Get deeper insights into the most profitable sales processes through our integrated sales report

At this point, your franchise growth potential may be overwhelming as you can’t scale yourself in this crisis. As a result, the inadequacies are starting to cost you stressful hours. Don’t wait until someone has to lecture you on business slow down. You still have time to get things fixed and get your franchise business processes under control.

Though the time to implement franchise software was the day before yesterday, but it’s not late yet to straighten up. You are already sure you need the software, so your challenge here is to figure out if our franchise management software will suit your needs. In case you’re still hesitant whether our product can potentially customise all the processes that you’ve established, request for some more demos. Start using Brand Wide Franchise Management Software to boost your franchise business despite the environment of Pandemic crisis in 2020.

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