Have you ever found yourself working on a task where you had to struggle between multiple software and operations? Perhaps, you have to enter the data from your paper to the system and rewrite the same thing repeatedly to make sure you have it in multiple locations. Then Franchise Analytics Software can help you.

Only very few people will have the patience and time to work on such monotonous tasks, which may be sometimes critical to the success of your business. This happens more if you’re running a franchise, where you have to manage multiple areas.

What if there was a system, by which you could connect your software to all the necessary tasks in such a way that could integrate it all?

Well, franchise analytics software does that for you, by integrating all your business needs into one centralized location with no requirement of manual entry.

The driving force behind the software is the cloud analytics system which helps to generate data in abundance. But if it’s not structured or organized, it will not benefit your business.

Since any integrations are complex in its form, it is important to know that franchise analytics integration comes with certain advantages in its form. We’ll see that more as we go.

At first, let’s take a quick look at the key features of using franchise analytics software.

Key features and benefits of franchise analytics software

franchise analytics software

  • It helps in the end to end reporting system
  • It is one of the most standard level software’s with financial dashboards, templates for reporting and notification alerts
  • Benchmarking reports across varying business levels to recognize the latest trends
  • Real-time visibility and notification alerts across business operations
  • Has the power to slice and dice the data
  • Reporting capability through a unified solution infrastructure.
  • Actionable insights

Let’s delve into our insightful analysis on the advantages that make franchise analytics software your first and the most suitable choice for your business.

Here are some tips for franchise Growth

Advantages of using a Franchisee analytics software

Seamless platform for multi-unit franchisees

franchise analytics software

In today’s competitive economy, helping the franchisors to be efficient and profitable is more essential to stay ahead of the curve. Having access to complete franchise information and system-wide data can be a hectic task, thus efforts to identify the suitable tools across multi-unit franchisees are often overlooked. Moreover, managers with financial work are often left without proper tools to drive the performance of the franchisee. Given that determining the excellence through appropriate results often becomes impossible to get without a centralized data. BrandWide’s franchise analytics software comes with a complete franchise management tool which is designed to identify the business stakeholders’ needs by providing an in-depth analysis, reporting and report development competencies.

Simple and easy to use

franchise analytics software

It is needless to say that having any cloud-based software to do all the job, helps to complete the job faster than ever. In the case of an organization, that still uses a manual way to manage their business, has to install software. The software then connects an application, develop dashboards. It seems to be a never-ending pile of the task. A franchise analytics software just needs to be connected with an application and you can start using it right away.

The main thing that the franchise owners would notice in it is the simplicity of the analytics system. Those who have worked with any cloud platform would agree that even a non-technical resource can link an application to the analytics and have all the benefits of it. Using the simplified software your head branch can easily keep track of the necessary data such as revenue, cash flow, losses and other expenses of the franchise without any need for regular reporting.

Growth of your sales

franchise analytics software

The fundamental way to grow your business sales is by impressing your customer or by providing them with the best customer experience. 46% of the sales leaders said that deeper customer bonding is the key way to achieve business success.

So, if you want to develop a deeper understanding of your customers, you need to offer them a quality customer service which is not possible without a franchise analytics software. The more an outlet will be able to sell, the more the sales for all the parties involved. In a whole, a franchise analytics system helps to increase customer loyalty, sales tools to drive more customers to your franchisees.

Automated operations and communications

franchise analytics software

The franchisee analytics software is designed to operate in a well-organised way, with clear objectives to achieve franchise success. It automates all the operational manuals, branding resources and other documents making easier for you to instantly find the data you need. Open and clear communication is the key to your franchise system. That means, if all your team members are not speaking a similar language, your customers are likely to notice that. It is the same with your data systems. A franchise analytics system can help you bring all your data points while giving you quicker insights across your business units, which otherwise could take months to gather. Adding, a franchise analytics tool into your franchisee business will enable your franchise owners to get the new solution and understand where to invest and where to target leads.

Summing up

To sum up, franchise software is much user friendly, simpler, faster and scalable for your business. Furthermore, it can help your business to reach more target customers and provide insightful data into designing more profitable service.

Given the benefits of why you should use franchise analytics software, we can assume that you would like to know something about our franchise software. Here it goes!

BrandWide franchise software helps businesses to measure and monitor the overall performance that can help to amplify the operational efficiency and profitability of your business. Provided with the most insightful dashboards, reports and scheduling features, our software aids to provide end to end financial needs entailing all areas of your sales activities including balance sheet, cash flow, managing levels of inventory and much more.

Now that you’re ready to stay with franchise software, embrace it and scale your business for the long run. To know more about our software reach us at www.meetbrandwide.com.

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