Business owners harness various tools to develop programs for particular business needs, which allow them to perform multiple tasks in less time, improve productivity and cut down the costs. Nowadays, most of the franchise businesses use franchise system solution, which is clear proof that it is a must for every franchisee. 

The purpose of the franchise system in your business is to streamline and organize the business activities to meet the needs of you and your valued customers. Use of this system assists in the elimination of manual errors in the processes. 

Also, it is vital for any business to continuously measure performance to evaluate the success of business. Although built on a proven business model, individual franchisees need to monitor the ways to effectively achieve the goals of franchise network. The best solution to this is the robust franchise management system that helps to provide vital information across the units.

So now the question is, how can you utilize the software to effectively measure your business performance? Let’s see how.

Be ready to manage your franchisee like a multi-tasking star

franchise system solution

Who doesn’t want to be a multitasking superstar at once? Sure, everyone does!

Mostly, if you’re in a franchise industry, you already know that being in this business isn’t always about dealing with orders and inventory. To truly make it in a franchisee industry, you have to build a strong relationship with customers, remain organised, manage audits, training as well as comply with the reports.

Typically, every franchisee is required to report on the specific performance indicators, which is probably the main point of interest for any franchise owners.

Leveraging on a franchise system over your business, you can simply manage all of these, in just a go. Also, it will allow you to view all the key performance area of the franchisees across their network on a single dashboard. 

Features of a franchise management system

franchise system solution

  • Personalized dashboard

A well-organized dashboard can serve as a magnifying glass that enables every franchise owner, development managers to focus on the key success areas of their business.

  • Sales and performance reports

Having a bird’s eye view on the financial, sales and performance reports from one unified dashboard is something that every franchisee owner certainly wishes for. This is because it allows the franchise owner to identify the global performance at a single glance and allows them to easily filter the important areas that require attention.

  • Franchise onboarding processes

Once a franchise is signed up, using a franchise system, you can immediately onboard them into the system and guide them through each phase in a systematic way. After the completion of each step, the next actions are triggered within the system, where a pre-determined action will be initiated.

  • Training and Assessment features

The training tool within a franchise system enables you to upload your training resources, tutorial videos and power points. It keeps a track of individual performance, and attendance, allowing you to stay updated with the performance track periodically.

  • Benchmarking and KPI competencies

Benchmarking within the key performance of the franchise system is vital. This is because it provides clear data on a performance that helps franchise development managers to conduct productive field visits, performance interview and manage the system-wide standards of the franchisee.

With so many features on a single board, would you like to miss such an opportunity by not having a franchise software? Probably not!

If you want to grow, you’ve to generate sales and increase your business productivity. And without a system that makes multiple processes easier for you, it’s nearly impossible to manage a wide-ranging view of a franchise operation.

Our solutions at BrandWide

franchise system solution

We provide cloud-based franchise system software that is aimed at increasing your business revenue and streamline all communication between franchisee owners and franchisee. BrandWide’s FMS offers a comprehensive solution in terms of management that helps to monitor your franchise performance. The system comes with a bespoke business analytics feature that helps you to get 360-degree visibility on your entire business. With a personalized dashboard, whether you’re a franchise owner or an individual franchisee, you will always be updated in the know. 

BrandWide’s franchise system helps to transform your customer and sales data into beautiful reports and graphic-rich visuals. Hence, you can have clear visibility on your business unit’s performance and improvise smarter decisions.

Implementing our franchise management system

franchise system solution

Our new franchise solution grew out of an organic need within a franchisee that walk towards a better way to manage the relationship between customers and employees; it also facilitates productive collaborative in business. By placing all most all the important tasks into one easy to access cloud-integrated system, our end to end franchise system offers time-saving measures to your business:

  • Lays out a roadmap for franchisee units to follow
  • Maintain incredible records in a single location which is easy to access from any device
  • Automatic monitoring of client feedback
  • Optimised cloud-based data storage and analysis
  • Enhance franchisee retention and recruitment
  • Improves the transparency of your overall franchisee activities

Simplified and centralized franchise system

franchise system solution

Consider the convenience intrinsic to a franchise system solution software that allows you to put everything starting from financial information to customer reviews at your fingertips. Not only does daily tasks become less confusing to manage, but it also becomes simpler to centralise long term planning.

With a more reliable view at the complete state of your business, and a centralised system for tracking your franchisee performance, you can be rest assured to get the best results.

Concluding lines

So, stop battling with endless data issues and working on multiple spreadsheets that are saved on your hard drive. Just centralise all your data in one location using an efficient franchise system solution with an improved reporting capability. 

It doesn’t matter wherever you are and what time of the day it is, with the cloud-based franchise solution, you’ll have access to all the performance and customer data that you need. All you need is a desktop or a laptop with a stable mobile internet or Wi-fi to get going.

To explore more about our franchise system, don’t forget to contact us at www.

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