There are a variety of solutions you can take as a franchisor when it comes to franchise management and franchise on-boarding. You could choose to operate your franchise on your own, hire an industry analyst to handle the supply chain of sales, or you can use Franchise Management Software on board. At least on some level, the first thing that comes to your mind is to manage the franchise sales themselves. You eventually discover it can be a difficult task to keep track of your sales at multiple locations. Not anymore! Here we have some tricks for handling your franchise and easily maintaining the franchise on-boarding. That said, starting with Franchise Management Software is the smartest method to implement the trick. In growing your business and assisting with franchise on-boarding, franchise software can play a prominent part. Here are some tips that you can follow to manage your franchise on-boarding with the franchise software.

You need to understand the primary need for CRM software in your company before you decide to make any decision to purchase a franchise CRM software. If your goal is to build a bigger market identity or to automate the team on board, you can go ahead with it until you have a good picture of your goal. Most significantly, it’ll be easier for you to focus on it if you have an already generated list of CRM programme specifications you want to go with.

Franchise software

Franchise software

Secure Intranet Is the Most Important Thing for You

If you manually watch who has what, email documents and think on how to change your branding criteria, then let me inform you that you can better handle the documents of your brand through a stable intranet. It also assures that all of the franchisees operate under the new criteria. Data security is a vital thing to keep in mind, particularly in times when everyone is talking online. Make sure you have a strong review on the CRM security measures before you continue with some CRM tricks.

Integrated Accounting Is A Must

By seamlessly importing the sales data from your franchise management programme to the account’s software, accounting integration saves you time and reduces the chance of human error. And yes, you will still use the franchise app if you like the on-boarding-related details on a separate platform. The item is uniquely designed to handle the dynamic financial format that your accounting staff is familiar with.

Get More Organized And Ramp Up On-boarding With The Help Of Franchise Software

Is the on-boarding team frustrated by seeking leads through several databases with contacts? If that’s the case, you just spend time searching around the bush. Code for Franchise CRM is like a nutshell that helps you to keep structured. Start the franchise management journey with a simplified on-boarding process and contact details for single customers. At BrandWide, along with comprehensive communications data, we give you centrally organized access to essential on-boarding details on the go.

Franchise Software

Franchise Software

Make Use of Proper Branding and Social Presence

Your social media activity is UN-negotiable as a franchisor. You can find Facebook useless and Instagram irritating from a personal viewpoint. But on a personal perspective, an involved presence on the social media is important if you want your franchise company to have a brand presence. Via social media posts and contact, you can get your franchisee listed on relevant local pages using franchise management tools.

Use Email Marketing to The Complete Potential

If you already understand who your target customers are, you need to know how to hit them with your plot. In order to update clients with reliable results, the Franchise CRM software offers optimized email and messaging services. Via daily email marketing, keep your clients updated of your new updates. Even, with automatic email drip campaigns and quickly designed email updates, you can warm up your leads.

Take Care of The Customer Relationships Properly

Provide your trusted clients with timely follow-up updates after you’ve booked the software. Automatic scheduling tracking software such as Calendar can help you make an automatic return call for emergency meetings or appointments. With franchise management software, at the right moment, you will reach out to your clients with the right message.

Kickstart The Performance of The Franchise

Did you know that coordination is an extremely necessary activity for all franchisees? Loss to interact correctly with the staff, leaders and customers will lead to business failure. Yet franchise software functions with the franchise owner, staff and clients as a one-stop contact channel. A franchise app tackles all the never-ending tasks in just one click, from categorizing all franchise data into a single location to spreading fast franchise notification across regions.


Thus, by now, you have got the idea of managing your franchise on-boarding with the franchise software. You should always get a franchise software based on the preferences of your franchise. If you want any more details other than this, feel free to contact us today.

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