Franchise CRM solutions have more significance than just putting contacts together or acting as digital notebooks. When integrated with the right features, franchise CRM software can come to the aid of franchises by boosting sales through the following 4 vital functions.

  • Keeping a constant watch on prospects and existing customers

  • Nurturing leads to ensure conversion

  • Closing the sale deals

  • Retaining long-standing customer loyalty

Also, it can save plenty of time, money, and human resources through the automation of the majority of its features and functionalities.

Franchise CRM solutions

Franchise CRM solutions

Here are 4 key features to search for in a suitable franchise CRM software solution.

Workflow automation

Franchise CRM solutions provide automated workflows. This makes the operation of your franchise business a lot easier. Look for franchise software that permits you in setting up customized rules and is available with full automation to increase productivity among team members.

By making use of customized rules, setting up any franchise CRM solutions becomes straightforward. They can automatically execute specific actions based on events or triggers, in the different stages of the sales cycle for example:

When a prospect gets the contact form filled out on your website, the software for franchise CRM directly sends a message to the appropriate sales rep or department notifying of the development.

Once the sales rep gets the message, the franchise CRM solution automatically sends a predefined response to the prospect for acknowledging the message.

In the event, any prospect, lead, or opportunity fails to send back any response to the sales rep’s message on the proposal, the franchise CRM software automatically triggers a follow-up intimation after a pre-defined period for example 2 business days.

Any call made or message sent by a sales rep to a contact will be automatically recorded by the franchise CRM software in terms of hours spent in communications and keeping track of all correspondences.

With the completion of tasks of sales reps the software for franchise CRM automatically informs the supervisors and senior management with the requisite details to facilitate performance measurement and appraisal.

With almost all franchise solutions bringing in the feature of workflow automation, regular, tedious, time-consuming and hitherto manually done sales tasks such as the following can be avoided.

  • Processing of orders

  • Tracking of orders

  • Inventory control


It goes without saying, all businesses aren’t the same. Therefore, you need to ferret out the software that caters to the distinctive needs of your business to the T. A few franchise CRM solutions allow you to select the features you’d like to add to your software package. There are many others that facilitate customization of basic areas for example including the abilities of:

  • Adding contact fields

  • Creating customized reports

  • Choosing the data to be displayed on the dashboard

  1. To enhance the capabilities of franchise software solutions you can likewise carry out customizations with plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions.

In case your franchise had more customization requirements so that the software totally complements your business needs, a lot of franchise CRM solutions service provides come up with more sophisticated options utilizing APIs. This assists software developers in accessing all technical specifications and coding needed to make the software fully tailor-made for you. Moreover, the APIs allow you to easily incorporate the software into other existing business solutions that are used by your franchise to systematize all processes.

Lead management

The lead management feature of franchise CRM solutions helps you in identifying leads and their actions at every stage in the sales lifecycle. The feature categorizes your leads by assigning them scores and revealing their relative importance. If required and based on priority, a sales rep can direct some leads to a separate team member and make an effort in turning the selected leads into paying customers.

Occasionally you may come across inactive leads perched on the franchise CRM for several weeks or months. A sharp-witted franchise sales manager remains aware of such inactive leads and reallocates them to other team members to bring about renewed engagement.


As per research, the reporting feature is indispensable for all franchise CRM solutions. Without this feature, you won’t be able to analyze the outcomes of your sales and marketing efforts and take necessary actions to address areas where you need improvement. Knowing the following information with the help of reports is compulsory for any franchise to run successfully.

  • How many leads arrive during a certain period?

  • How many sale deals are closed during a certain period?

  • Which sales rep closed which lead?

  • How many leads are closed by that sales rep during a certain period?

  • How many outbound calls were made?

  • How effective are your email marketing campaigns?

  • At which stage of the sales lead is a particular lead is converted?

All these pieces of information come to your aid in discerning opportunities to consummate leads in a more timely manner.

Franchise CRM solutions can be of remarkable use regardless of the business size. However, it’s imperative you opt for an absolutely effective platform that can scale up or down with your needs. Visit us at BrandWide to know more about CRM software features. You’ll never go wrong with your decision in choosing us to collaborate with you.

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