If you happen to be in the carpet cleaning industry for quite some time, you must know how it’s important to make use of best-in-class carpet cleaner software. A good quality tool enables you to bring about complete coordination with several components of carpet cleaning operations right from a standalone platform.

For example, the five most vital features of a carpet cleaner software solution take in the following.

  • Scheduling
  • Managing work orders
  • Monitoring jobs in progress
  • Managing jobs
  • Tracking service history

As a conservative estimate, any decent carpet cleaner software tool ensures these five features are managed and that too efficiently.

If your carpet cleaning software is founded on a well-crafted platform, not only does your business operations and customer service improve but also your revenue earnings do jack up. Surveys indicate that there’s a marked increase in employee productivity and customer satisfaction by roughly 60 percent.

It’s natural that with any kind of investment you’ll come across a better return given that you select the right carpet cleaner software for your business.

Read on to learn about four features of carpet cleaner software that you can take advantage of to ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully.

Brandwide - Carpet Cleaner Software

Brandwide – Carpet Cleaner Software

By now, you must have already seen the worth of mobile-drive SaaS solutions. However, despite that, you’ll run into scores of tools that are available in the market. When you’re drawing comparisons between various carpet cleaner software platforms, it’s imperative to get the drift of the most popular features offering which you can give your rivals a sizable competitive advantage. At the same time, it’s also important to know the features your customers need or prefer.

  • A live chat feature of carpet cleaner software enhances customer satisfaction rate

In recent times, customers are increasingly turning to live chat for service. A study reveals that nearly 42 percent of customers exhibit a preference for a live chat over a conventional phone call. They not just prefer the chat option over the phone but are also more likely to get satisfied with the experience. As per reports from Zendesk, it’s been suggested that 92 percent of customers voted for the live chat option in comparison with traditional phone calls and emails that grabbed 88 percent and 85 percent of customers’ choices respectively to avail of service.

When customers are satisfied, they’re more likely to retain themselves as existing customers of your business. This is the reason why the live chat functionality of carpet cleaner software can result in a noticeable improvement in customer sustainability rate.

Also, through live chat, the propensity to attract leads and convert them into paying customers is increased. On the word of marketing experts, most of the leads who seek your carpet cleaning services through live chat become customers eventually.

  • The GPS tracking feature of carpet cleaner software makes the punctuality of technicians better

One more advantage of software for carpet cleaning is the utilization of GPS tracking functionality to make sure existing customers are retained. As per a survey done by Software Advice, approximately 70 percent of customers expressed that they wouldn’t opt for a cleaning company that fails to send its technicians on time.

Even being late by an hour can be a major deterrent in choosing the corresponding cleaning service. Around 25 percent of that 70 percent stated their cut-off time would be anything from 15 to 30 minutes.

GPS tracking built inside carpet cleaner software can come to aid by keeping your workers punctual, increasing their accountability, and being able to do scheduling and changing routes in real-time, and that too with promptness.

It has been found that an astounding 95 percent of cleaning companies that adopted a GPS tracking tool observed a marked improvement in the timeliness of their technicians. The survey also reported a reduction in fuel costs and an increase in the number of completed work orders per day.

  • The automated invoicing feature of the carpet cleaner software ensures you receive your payments faster

With carpet cleaner software by your side, you can obtain information recorded by your on-field technicians. Once job completion is thru you can instantly send information containing follow-up reminders or payment requests to customers via email. The software automates this entire process. As a result, the time and cost required for invoicing are reduced. Furthermore, accuracy is greatly improved since you don’t depend on paperwork-based invoicing that calls for a great many steps where the probability of errors to be committed is more.

By introducing automated invoicing you may find relief in two factors namely employee hours and corresponding costs. Research shows that when you switch over from paper to online invoices each transaction cost undergoes a reduction from $20 to as low as $4.

Automated invoicing also helps your customers in quickly make payments. Cleaning companies have observed that the service-to-payment cycle is roughly 34 days. When you’ve got plenty of unclosed invoices your cash flow takes a beating.

Carpet cleaner software makes sure invoices are sent via email in contrast to paper invoices through a normal postage system. Consequently, the former approach causes a reduction in the payment cycle.

There are certain field service tools provided by carpet cleaner software that enable technicians to create invoices immediately after job completion. This again brings down the payment cycle time to a significant extent, in particular, if the technicians are instructed to directly collect the payments from customers.

Nowadays, most customers prefer to carry out transactions via their smartphones or tablets. Research also forecasts that by the end of 2023 around 25 percent of every point-of-sale transaction will be done through mobile devices. It amounts to nearly 87 billion online transactions per year.

Thus automated invoicing leads to quicker payments with minimal associated costs, enhanced invoice information accuracy, and improved customer satisfaction.

  • The online booking feature of carpet cleaner software gives a boost to customer retention

Online booking of jobs follows similar popularity as the live chat feature. A survey reveals that about 70 percent of consumers opt for online booking as the preferred method in contrast to booking via phone calls. Regardless of whether your customers are accessing your website or Facebook page or looking through Yelp reviews, you’d ideally wish that your customers are able to know about the availability of your services and book them subsequently.

When you incorporate the feature of online booking into carpet cleaner software you’ll experience a sharp rise in the number of service requests. As online booking is highly convenient and easy to manage, customer satisfaction and retention improve drastically.

Moreover, through workflow automation, employee time is significantly saved when online booking is brought into the scene. Once a service request is created by a customer you can automatically assign a technician to perform the job ahead of having access to the customer service history. Thus employees find a reduction in time involved with phone calls to schedule work orders.

Brandwide - Carpet Cleaner Software

Brandwide – Carpet Cleaner Software

  • Advantages of carpet cleaner software that are intangible and difficult to track

There are a few benefits of good carpet cleaner software that can be more easily tracked as opposed to others. After the implementation of the software solution is done you can measure up:

  • The number of completed work orders
  • The amount of time expended per job
  • Monthly revenue generation
  • Survey usage reports

These determinants will help you in understanding the impact your customers have on your business.

However, there are other benefits that you may find more challenging to keep track of, even though they may be just as important. For example, powerful carpet cleaner software can improve the workflow to a great extent. This in turn can relieve your employees of stress by making their jobs more effortless and raising company morale. Modern, innovative technology can be easily learned. Consequently, the time needed for training new employees is greatly reduced too.

Last but not least, through robust reporting and analytics you gain an in-depth understanding of the performance of your business and also specific areas that need improvement.

In general, the advantages of bringing the right carpet cleaner software onboard – a cloud-based, mobile-compatible one get augmented when you begin to consider the following observations.

  • Improvement in workflow
  • Accuracy in job performance by technicians
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer retention

In case you’re thinking of including carpet cleaner software in your business look no further than BrandWide. It’s one of the leading providers of carpet cleaning services.

The compelling features of our carpet cleaner software permit you in scheduling and dispatch jobs, get bookings done online, send invoices, and receive payments in a matter of a few minutes irrespective of whether you’re at the office or on the field. Get in touch with us today to book a free live demo and consultation with one of our experts.

You may find the best franchise software system to grow your business.

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