To make a franchise framework successful, you need CRM software that smoothly integrates with the overall franchise development.

Franchise CRM software is unique. It stands apart from regular CRM solutions in many different ways. Any CRM software while being incorporated into a franchise infrastructure must work in sync with it. The CRM software must be able to smoothly integrate with franchise development as well as the operation. It must offer solutions to every issue from the top to the bottom.

While searching for the right franchise CRM software, it’s important to know your exact needs. This will come to your aid in identifying a system that’s endowed with useful features and functionalities to cater to a unique business model employed by both franchisors and franchisees. The most suitable system will significantly help in franchise development by increasing ease and efficiency at all levels.

  • Preliminary development tools

The design of franchise CRM software is different from the traditional CRM software used in several other applications. During the nascent stage of any franchise development, the potential franchisees are the customers only. During this phase, the CRM software should be imbedded with tools to lend a hand to the franchisor in making contacts and sharing information with the prospects and eventually getting a sign-off of the franchise agreement done.

After the franchisee has been hired by the franchise, the franchise CRM software should make a quick and smooth transition to a tool that puts steadfast focus on real estate and franchise development and operations. When you use a single unified solution you benefit from eliminating redundancies and streamlining your efforts to guarantee optimal operational efficiency.

  • Cloud-based integration

Every franchise is founded on a universal business model wherein the franchisor is responsible for managing the whole business and brand from the top of the pyramid. At the middle level lie the franchisees controlling local operations. At the bottom of the pyramid, you’ve got customers meant to receive products and/or services. Cloud-based franchise CRM software helps out in making the responsibilities of the franchisor simpler. It brings about uniform integration of all the levels

At each franchisee location, they have an installed system used for collecting important sales data. The franchise CRM software facilitates the franchisees with easy access to the data. By means of cloud technology, professionals can extract information at every level of management and obtain the details they’re in need of.

  • Day-to-day operations support

Once the franchise development process is thru and the system is up and running, the franchise CRM software transforms from a development tool to an implement that primarily concentrates on how to manage the franchise owners. The franchisees are always in need of a robust software system with an arsenal of tools that automatically take of daily repetitive activities. These tools include the following.

  • Planning tools

  • Sales trackers

  • Scheduling tools

  • Royalty calculation software

Being integral to the franchise system, it’s imperative for franchisees to have smart solutions accessible to them. These solutions are big data-driven. The ideal franchise CRM software helps facilitate the regularization of systems and processes all through different franchisee locations and ensure uniform operations.

  • Intuitive assessments and analytics

When it comes to franchise systems big data is extremely powerful too. Franchisors are in want of franchise CRM software that puts forward a top to bottom approach for handling the business. The software makes it plain-sailing to discern trends prevailing in the business. It also helps sort out issues occurring at different franchisee locations.

These activities aren’t considered a part of daily operations. Thus the CRM software performs the adjunct functions too. In the meanwhile, franchisors are bound to deal with wide-ranging business activities. They’re responsible to keep track of each of them.

Any systematic franchise CRM software can effortlessly extract custom-made reports on a short notice. It also has the ability to comprehend and review the generated reports and analytics and put summaries in the form of dashboards.

The information so obtained is very crucial. The indicators are sent automatically to both franchisor and franchisees so that they can work on the observations gathered. With inclusive data in tow, each of them gets the opportunity to work closely as a team and come up with solutions case by case keeping the wider picture in mind.

Bottom line

Gaining an understanding of the unique needs connected with franchise development and operations will give assistance in selecting the right franchise CRM software designed specifically to meet your individual needs and will be beneficial at all franchise levels.

If you’re looking for technologically advanced franchise CRM software for your business and eliminate your unwanted headaches, speak to us at BrandWide today.

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