The best window cleaner software is a tool that takes the following key features into consideration namely:

  • Scheduling

  • Dispatching

  • Online booking

  • Invoicing

  • Payment processing

  • Follow-up marketing

These features comprise the best window cleaner software besides saving substantial time on mundane tedious tasks and organizing them. The majority of cleaning businesses have so far observed an increase in worker efficiency as well as customer satisfaction after making a switchover from paper-based operations to the best window cleaner software.

The latter allows devoting much less time to set up and manage jobs. Statistics reveal that window cleaning software has the capacity of freeing up an average of no less than 500 hours every year.

Best Window Cleaner Software

Best Window Cleaner Software

The best window cleaner software has several advantages. Each of these advantages can be leveraged during three phases of a given window cleaning job request.

  1. Before the job!


One of the most important aspects of your daily cleaning operation is streamlined effective scheduling. Regardless of whether you’re on-field or off-field, with scheduling capability in tow, you get to know ways of:

  • Keeping a track of daily revenue

  • Handling direct communication with the client from the schedule

  • Getting a full view of the map of job locations with color-indicated pointers

  • Customizing the view of your schedule

  • Setting up job reminders to be notified to both workers and customers automatically

Estimates and follow-up

The best window cleaner software helps in the creation of job estimates. Once done, the details are sent to customers in the form of either email or text messages for approval. Subsequently, the estimates are either approved or rejected.

The software lets you effortlessly keep an eye on the status of order approval. Following up with your customers for negotiations or the eventual approval can be carried out via phone calls or automated email reminders.

Lead management and sales tools

The software allows keeping track of the movement of the leads all through the entire sales process. The tracking can be done while you’re at the office on your desktop or on the move.

The best window cleaner software helps in the creation of sales opportunities and the utilization of a comprehensive dashboard that enables you to gain a detailed understanding and insights on how to visually and efficiently continue managing your sales pipeline.

Client Management (CRM)

Getting the drift of the exact services your customers prefer or need and at what time is important. This can be achieved by collating the entire customer database at a centralized location and gaining access to it anytime and from anywhere. The best window cleaner software grants you permission to view the job history of each of your customers. This includes previous invoicing and billing. Furthermore, the software allows taking a look at all communication and handling several accounts associated with many locations.

  1. On the job!

Work orders

With the accompanying best window cleaner software, creating, viewing, and editing work orders are feasible so that on-field technicians, regardless of their levels, are aware of what they’re supposed to do while being on the job.

The software keeps a record of the check-in times of the technicians upon arriving at the job site, tracking the dimensions of the job site, carrying out up-selling of additional services as per the customer’s needs, and in the end instantly giving updates of client information.

Employee management

The software grants different access levels to employees of different positions or grades to gain admittance to databases and look at the things necessary for them to know.

The best window cleaner software gives full authority to business owners and managers for accessing the database and modifying or deleting information from it. They’re capable of processing leads, creating and editing customer accounts and orders and employee tasks, and managing several other settings.

Sales representatives and senior technicians are authorized to create work orders and be in charge of managing schedules without having to see business dashboard information.

Mid-level or junior technicians are authorized to only read information about the daily tasks assigned to them. They can seek elementary details from a basic dashboard for monitoring their progress.

As far as workers are concerned, they’re limited to only getting to see the completion status of any job. They can’t access any information related to pricing, payments, or customer histories.

Job completion

A checklist in connection with job completion is always projected on both desktops and mobiles. This lets you and your team acquire knowledge of the precise steps need to successfully pull off the job.

The best window cleaner software provides a mobile app-integrated checklist on job completion for:

  • Collecting customer signatures

  • Finalizing invoices

  • Processing payments

  • Collecting payments

  • Taking before and after job completion photos

  • Emailing customers

  • Striking jobs as complete

  • Closing work orders

  1. After the job!

Invoicing and payments

The software sees to it you get paid for the completed job in time. Also, it facilitates you to send an invoice whose payment can be done at a later time.

You can integrate the best window cleaner software with major payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, or for processing without the need for any third-party app. The software lets you use a free add-on with the invoice page to make online payment collection via text messages and email.

Automated marketing

With the best window cleaner software in tow, you can get the most out of automated drip campaigns that help you significantly save time besides improving the standard of communication with customers.

The software permits you to create the following.

  • Follow-up reminders as in emails

  • Customer retention programs to ensure you’re on top priority among your existing customers

  • Newsletters

  • Seasonal, annual, or holiday blasts

  • Third-party campaigns

  • Postage labels

  • Call lists

Reports and dashboards

When you’re aware of your data, you become equally aware of how your business is doing.

The best window cleaner software encompasses a wide-ranging selection of reports needed for tracking the whole lot from accounts receivable and employee commissions to time logs and marketing ROI. It also includes easily comprehensible dashboards to keep a watch on important key parameter indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Repeat rate

  • Average invoice

  • Recurring revenue

  • Percentage of available time booked

From these KPIs, you can easily comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of your business and act accordingly towards improving them.

Are you ready to see what the best window cleaner software from BrandWide can do for your service business? Start your free trial today!

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