Brand revenue! Look like a simple connotation! But, if you dive into the deep, you know how it involves two distinct lines of cash flow. Just like base and superstructure, here, the top-line revenue is dependent on the bottom line. Perhaps, when you urge to increase your brand revenue, nurturing the bottom line stands crucial. As a franchisor, you are certainly aware of these. But, while your concern is to increase the brand revenue quickly, you require support. Not for a day or two, but a prolonged period. Hence, you tend to be selective of what support to avail of. Why not fetch a collective set of tools on one platform and get more revenue coming in? The franchise management system is what I am talking about! A massive CRM to boost the brand revenue at a faster rate.

Do you want proof of pedigree? Then, kindly see though:

  • Establish a local presence

A franchise management system can help you establish a local presence with different innovative processes. Therefore, making your brand reach out to every corner of the varied market demographics. That is when you can enrich your bottom line and acquire a surplus with ease.

  • Social marketing

First, the solution will offer you top-notch templates for framing the campaign materials. And automatically post them across myriads of social media platforms. The calendar available in the system will make the process more efficient. Precisely, you can schedule the post at your convenient time. Well, sometimes, the content curated does not suit the appropriate channel. Here is the solution, allowing you to preview the content for specific channels. Now, you are set with social marketing. See who is watching for your service there!

With the rapid shift to online searching and purchase, your brand needs to project its credibility on the various online platforms. Particularly, the review posting sites. So, you can check the positive and negative responses coming in. Henceforth, overcoming the negative ones with improvisation. In the meantime, the software will process a report to you regarding your brand’s current position.

franchise management system

franchise management system

  • A cumulative sales process

Subsequently, move ahead with a cumulative sales process. In this context, you can break the sales cycle into stages and assign tasks to your franchise units. What if they miss out due to the tight work schedule? No worries! You can follow up with them daily, based on a focused task list. For this, you can use emails, SMS, or phone call. Meanwhile, the system will continue with its job.

  • Automatically capturing leads

The franchise management system captures leads automatically from the various sources where you have run the campaigns. It moves directly to the CRM. As a result, your sales team will not have to search for leads here and there out of such a vast network.

  • Lead nurturing

Next, the system will further push the leads to automated follow-up. Lead nurturing in this platform mainly revolves around email marketing for effective branding. However, you can also avail of phone calls or SMS. The call scripts and SMS templates are ready to serve the purpose.

  • Tracking sales pipeline

When you frequently want to track the lead status, make a few clicks. Here comes a 360-degree view of your leads from the different locations on a single screen. Besides, the lead management portal will show you at which level each lead is standing. When some at the stage of qualifying, some more will give validation. While few of them can be not interested, there will be a few ready to avail of your service. Offer them an instant payment option and send out payrolls.

  • Effective branding with email marketing

Without effective branding, increasing brand revenue is undoubtedly next to impossible. The franchise industry is hugely dependent on the model of ‘broadcast and e-blast’. Email marketing is what you call it! Here again, the franchise management system brings a twist to the new mainstream. Check how.

  • Drip campaigns

Without any prior programming knowledge, you can use drag-and-drop email builders and curate top-of-mind email newsletters. Now, you ready to name the campaign and automate them. Usually, the drip campaigns are used to nurture cold leads. Perhaps, the system is intelligent in reaching out to the correct leads by sending the correct message at the correct time!

  • Testing campaign materials

Sometimes, we cannot recognize which campaign can engage customers. Your franchise units may face this difficulty now and then. In this regard, offer them this innovative application. In consequence, you or your franchise units can test campaign materials before sending them to the leads.

Step one: Create two different emails.

Step two: Select a small group to send the emails instead of the entire list.

Step three: The software comes into the role. It automatically sends the winning email to the rest.

  • Tracing responses and rating the leads

As a franchisor, are you willing to trace the email responses? The franchise management system is at your service! It will show you the number of emails

  • opened by the leads,
  • the ones unopened,
  • the ones bounced back,
  • the spam, unsubscribed, or reported.

Accordingly, you can rate your leads and hand over the most engaging ones to the sales team.

Concluding remarks:

Believe it or not, the franchise management system is worth availing of. It can increase the operational efficiency of your franchise and generate revenue quickly. For more information, you can book a demo or schedule an appointment.

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